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Quotes I joined the first classroom batch for the preparation of LEET 2010 in the month of June, 2009 and since then my experience has been nothing short of fantastic. The faculty was brilliant and there was almost constant encouragement and an emphasis on doubt solving and practice. The classroom atmosphere was good with healthy discussions on questions. The material was comprehensive and there was absolutely no need for supplementary books. Thank you B.Tech Academy! Piyush AIR 15, LEET IPU2010 Quotes
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Quotes Ankit , AIR 10, LEET IPU2010 Haryana, UPTech B.Tech acdemy is no doubt a class apart in its field. It really helped me a lot in getting me through to IP University. The faculty with its experience & dedication helps to bring the best out of you. The Doubt sessions were really helpful and the proper tool to help you attain your dreams. Test Series is a must to attend as it shows you your strengths and weakness. Just focus on quality study & not quantity. Consistent effort, proper guidance and a belief in yourself are the few arrows you need in your quiver to hit the bulls eye. ALL THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!! Quotes
VERY good academy

Quotes Rahul Chhatwal, Rank 1, LEET IPU2010 DBCR Murthal Association with the B.Tech AcademyTeam has really been fruitful for me as the team has always been there to guide me and help me in case of any doubts. The B.Tech AcademyTest Series was especially a great learning experience and it was the closest one could get to the real exam. The questions and solutions offered really compel you to think in different directions. I am thankful to B.Tech Academy for helping me in achieving my goals. ALL THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!! Quotes


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